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This week, a project management software company Basecamp (formerly 37Signals) tweeted out that they opened 4 million projects in 2014. In their blog, books, and twitter, Basecamp has been a vocal advocate (some say too obsessed) of their culture of remote work, sane work life balance, and not ta... (more)
There are many talented young entrepreneurs in the world. The problem is that while many entrepreneurs are smart and skilled, they lack first-hand experience in sectors that needs to be revamped the most. Understandably many ambitious people are working on problems for other tech-savvy millennial... (more)
Twitter started with strong roots in minimalism, as a means to get information quickly and succinctly. When it launched in 2006, Jack Dorsey envisioned it as an SMS communication app. Subsequently, the character limit was set at 140 characters. Jack’s first real tweet was “inviting coworkers.”