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WeNeed Mockups

There are many talented young entrepreneurs in the world. The problem is that while many entrepreneurs are smart and skilled, they lack first-hand experience in sectors that needs to be revamped the most. Understandably many ambitious people are working on problems for other tech-savvy millennials because they understand them the best, other industries such as healthcare, non-profits, and agriculture have more impactful problems left to solve.

My buddy Peter and I experimented with a request for startup app called WeNeed at a hackathon. WeNeed is a site where

1. People with experience in different industry post problems that they have which requires a team to solve.

2. The crowd can vote on on problems they also think are needed. This is will validate the problem.

3. To encourage teams to solve this problem. Investors or stakeholder can pledge investment or prizes for teams they feel are the best.

4. Afterwards, entrepreneurs can form team to submit their proposal to solve a problem.

Hopefully some teams will get investments or traction to propel them forward!

While I have limited resources, I would like to devote some of my free time on this project. Since this is a new concept, i'm posting the mockups for the beta version. Any feedbacks or constructive criticisms are encouraged!

Full Mockup Link: